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About Us


We are a student run organization out of Arcadia University, Glenside, PA.  We compete September through April in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association,inc.  Our coach Amber Jewell is a skilled rider and instructor who graduated from Arcadia Universtiy a few years ago.  She is the owner and manager of Red Wing Farm, located in Hilltown, PA, where we lesson and ride.  

Our lesson program is divided into one hour lessons of a group of around 4 riders per lesson.  We try to divide the lessons by riding ability and discipline to allow for optimum learning conditions.  The lesson groups will carpool to Amber's farm and are responsible for tacking, untacking, cleaning the equipment used, and making sure the horses are cool and dry before being put away.  We will assign drivers to the lesson groups and each member is responsible for paying their driver some amount for gas money.  

Though lessons are paid out of pocket, it is important to us as a team to try to minimize costs as much as possible.  Currently, ALL LESSONS are $35 or $350 for a package of 10 lessons; the length of the lesson depends on the number of riders:

 2+ riders = 1 hr.

 2 riders = 45 min.

 Private = 30 min.

Though this may seem like a large amount of money, we do not require at this time for students to pay for their show entry fees.  

Riders must wear boots at their lessons and it is required to WEAR an ASTM/SEI certified helmet, regardless of discipline during lessons, though you do not have to OWN a helmet...there are helmets available to borrow.  

If you intend to show, there is a $45.00 fee to register in one division of the IHSA or it is $60.00 to register for both disciplines.  If you are unsure if you want to register for both, we encourage riders to register for both at the beginning of the year, otherwise they are required to pay an additional $30.00 to register for an additional division during the school year.  

Throughout the year we try to host at least one campus activity (Western themed dance, Barbeque, etc.) and we also do fund-raisers throughout both semesters.  We are required to complete one community service project per year and EVERY team member must attend and participate.  

While it is by no means mandatory, members of the AUET are also able to compete in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) in both Western and Hunt Seat shows.  

The current officers for the AUET are:

Matilda Nilsson (Head Captain)

Eryn Goff (Co-Captain, Treasurer)

Jenna Bucca (Event Coordinator, Fundraising)